Self Awareness is Not Knowing Yourself

self awareness mirrorSelf awareness is not knowing what you are like. It’s not being able to tell the story of who you are, who you think you are, a story you can tell again.

Self awareness isn’t an answer. It’s a line of enquiry. What is happening now, inside yourself and outside yourself? What is the relationship between these things?

It isn’t a judgement, an opinion, an idea about yourself, a snapshot or a slideshow.

It is noticing what is. That’s interesting. I wonder…

Self awareness is a process, an open question about what is emerging, evolving within you and without. How are you responding to your environment and your circumstances and what impact are you having on the people and the world around you? Self awareness is a live feedback loop.

It is asking, listening for information from within yourself, sensations, feelings, thoughts, and observing your own behaviour. How is my relationship to what is, to what’s happening and how is it changing? What am I drawn towards? What am I instinctively moving away from? What am I choosing? What is being asked of me here?

Self awareness is a practice.

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