About You

My coaching practice attracts independent thinkers – people who have different perspectives and insights because of their particular way of seeing the world. My clients tend to be high achievers and curious learners. My work enables independent thinkers to evolve into confident leaders by providing a judgement-free sounding board for their ideas and ambitions.

As you may be finding, it takes courage and resilience to be an independent thinker and act on it, but you have the ability to challenge the status quo, wake your organisation up and change things for the better.

I work one-to-one with CEOs, CTOs, senior leaders and managers, I coach leadership teams and offer group programmes. I partner with organisations at the intersection of creativity and technology to create leadership and team development programmes that are sensitive to your culture and align with your business vision.

Everything we do is designed around you and the outcomes you want.

For you:

  • Support in a new or changing role
  • Exploring new avenues and creating opportunities, your way
  • Managing stress and building resilience

For your team:

  • Clarifying direction and responsibilities
  • Identifying and developing strengths as a team
  • Building team relationships and collaboration

For your business:

  • Prioritising your people
  • Investing in your culture
  • Putting your values into action

The first step is a conversation – get in touch to arrange a time to explore how Superreality can support you and your business.