Clients Say

I began my sessions with Jessica apprehensively. I have never had any coaching and was unsure about what it involved. The idea of formal sessions with a trained coach via video link felt many steps outside my comfort zone. But I was stuck my career and could not move forward with it, so I plunged in.

After two decades climbing slowly through the ranks of a highly competitive industry, I had done well, but was not where I wanted to be. In fact, in recent years I had become quite stuck and felt like I was stalling. And I strongly suspected the saboteur was me.

My first session with Jessica began with pinpointing and defining values, after which I began to see quite clearly how to utilise this knowledge. From them on we made progress on thinking clearly and broadly. By the end of our time together we had together worked successfully on redefining some very stuck narratives that were holding me back.

After 8 months of sessions, I can confirm first-hand that it was uncomfortable and challenging. However, it was also joyous and important. The waves of change that followed after each session were worth it, and the calm, healing, positive nature of Jessica guiding me through some tumultuous revelations were exactly what I needed to finally drop that niggling inner voice.

In my time coaching with Jessica I have been able to re-shape my thinking, by her continually asking insightful questions. She has (gently) challenged some of my ingrained inner stories with her clever offering of alternative perspectives. Ultimately Jessica has made me feel brave, open to possibility and full of hope for the next steps on my journey.

Dani Carpanen, Series Producer/Director, UK

I hired Jessica as my coach because I wanted a skilled, experienced and embodied Coach with a deep awareness of feminism, trauma and racial issues. I wanted a coach who could hold me as I was no longer willing to have to hold part of myself during the coaching process. I needed to expand my capacity to live a life that was true to me not my conditioning as my system was getting blown out by the increased intensity in the world around me as I walked a path increasingly different to the norm. I needed a comprehensive and robust coach.

Before we started working together I was sceptical that the coach I wanted existed. I wanted a coach with exquisite coaching skills, social justice knowledge, trauma-informed and trained, awareness of women’s and racial issues and the systems we live within. A coach who could support and hold space for my revolutionary nature. Spiritual. I was so relieved when I realised Jess had these skills, she really walks her talk. ​

It’s really hard to put into words but after working with Jessica for 14 months I’m leaving VERY differently than I started. I’m leaving with a more embodied sense of who I am, feeling even more comfortable in my skin and life. I’m clear on what I’m here for and what I’m not and I have a bigger capacity for life, for the challenge, struggle, joy, excitement, fear and the nuance of it. Capacity to receive love and ease. I know my lane, my purpose. It’s been a really transitionary time of my life during a really transitionary time for the plant. Clear sense of purpose for my life and work, more confidence in who I am, more naturally empowered and grounded for the journey ahead. ​

As a result of my coaching with Jessica I feel more rooted in my truth than ever before, more at peace with who and how I am, more able to take a stand for what I believe in and much more skilled emotionally. I’m able to receive more support and love. I am even more unapologetic and discerning about who and what I’m here for. People I’m close to have remarked that I am softer and more tenderhearted with them. I’m a kinder yet more boundaried person. ​

The best part of working with Jessica was working with a coach with a big capacity herself dedicated to her own development. We coached on some big topics and life changes. Changes happen in a way that last. Not a quick fix but a nourishing deep dive.

Lola Fayemi, Leadership Coach,, UK

I hired Jessica as my coach because I wanted to be a better leader. I wanted to make courageous decisions and take my team on the journey with me every step of the way. I wanted to understand my leadership style better and to address behaviours which I felt had hampered me in the past.

After working with Jessica for 5 months I am walking away with renewed strength and confidence. Jessica worked with me to develop new ideas and strategies; to explore my values and ensure that they are reflected in my work. As a result of my coaching with Jessica I feel happier. I feel confident in my own abilities and better able to make decisions which feel authentic.

The best part of working with Jessica was being able to be myself; to understand my own strengths and how these are best directed. I absolutely loved working with Jessica and I would recommend her coaching to anyone.

Owen Calvert-Lyons, Artistic Director & CEO, Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, UK

I sought out Jessica as my coach as I was seeking clarity on the next steps in my career. I asked her to challenge my thinking and help me to see through different lenses. With a natural rapport and a curious, kind and good-humoured approach, she did exactly this. I’ve seen a clear shift in my thinking patterns and behaviour over the 6 months we’ve worked together.

Jessica has helped me to recognise my working style preferences as true strengths for working with and leading others. This has given me the confidence and conviction to more actively draw on them, and has guided a redefinition of my personal brand. I now also have a clear view of my ideals and absolute no-gos for future roles.

I truly value Jessica’s ability to gently (but directly) challenge my assumptions and definitions and – drawing from a deep pool of knowledge that reflects her experience, personal values and commitment to continual learning – suggest alternatives. I would, and do, highly recommend working with her.

Courtney Youngberg, Change Manager, London, UK

I was fortunate enough to be coached by Jessica for 6 months. I found Jessica to be trustworthy, intelligent and good-humoured. This is exactly the coaching relationship I needed.

What I have valued most about working with Jessica is how she combined systemic relational practice, constellation theory and feminism into her practice. The variety of her toolkit and also the resources she provided have helped me to broaden my points of reference while stimulating my creative brain. We did not hold back from deep issues, while always being able to laugh in each session.

My time with Jessica continues to inspire and shape my personal development even though we’ve concluded our work together. I would jump at the opportunity to work with her again.

Sarah Gold, Founder & CEO, IF, London, UK

I worked with Jessica for a year. Within that time, we worked through a lot of the trauma I held within my body due to a liver transplant in 2015 and multiple operations and procedures over a sustained period of time. I came to Jessica for help with my anxiety, my feeling that I had a lack of direction for my career, hoping to find ease in my relationships, hoping to find a way to start dating again after many years alone following my illness.

I now live a near anxiety-free existence, which I put down to my work with Jessica, in addition to other tools that she helped me to sustain and maintain together. Jessica helped me to see that the pace at which I was going (and continue to go) is ok, as long as I keep going. She helped me to have goals and stick to them, in the capacity I was able, she was boundaried and this exemplified healthy boundaries for me. She was patient, enthusiastic and kind. She toes the line between somatic therapist and coach deftly, allowing the client to guide the session to what they need at that moment.

I found so much healing in my sessions with Jessica, and have experienced so much growth. It is a testament to her commitment to her clients’ growth that I was able to see so much change within my own being through the course of working with her.

Nora Logan, Writer, Yoga & Breathwork Teacher, London, UK

I started working with Jessica as my coach because I wanted to find a better work / life balance, I was trying to figure out where my career was heading and why I was struggling to manage my general work and life stress when I had never had any issues before. From the very start Jessica made me feel comfortable and I immediately felt I could be completely open and honest without judgement. Our session were incredibly interesting every time and always seemed to come at just the right time to help with tricky clients, projects and when I needed to see the bigger picture.

Having had time to reflect further since our last session, the tools I’ve built and perspective I’ve gained from our time together will genuinely stay with me for life. The difference in my ability to manage stresses from work and life, and control how they affect my wellbeing, is markedly different. I’ve not only found the balance I set out to achieve but also a new level of confidence and assuredness in myself and most importantly my values.

Jack Keeling, Creative Producer, London, UK

Jessica came highly recommended to me through a contact in the industry. I’d recently been through a very stressful merger and subsequent redundancy from an agency in London and was at a loss where to take my career. She helped me re-build my inner confidence and recognise the values that I hold dearest. I think I was truly lost at the beginning of our journey and she helped guide me along a path to a happier, more fulfilled me by challenging and and re-focusing my direction.

I always enjoyed our sessions as Jessica has a lovely, calming manner with the ability to see the opportunities that you sometimes overlook or ignore. If you decide to work with Jessica (and I highly recommend you do) you’ll definitely feel the benefits. She’s always extremely professional whilst maintaining a relaxed conversational manner that immediately puts you at ease. Thank you Jessica, you’re a star!

Chris Capron, Design Director, Blue Edge, Brighton, UK

I was lacking a feeling of pride and purpose in my life – in danger of being a “Jack of all trades, master of none”. Jessica helped me to find and action my goals through a process that worked best for ME. Within our sessions, she got me to look deep under the surface and find dreams that had never thought I would be capable of – but am now on the path of achieving. I could feel her trust, belief and support of me continuously through the process, which is what I had been lacking and needed. Through doing this work with Jessica I have learnt much about myself – both professionally and personally – and it has led to so much more than I had ever intended. I can’t thank Jessica enough and genuinely look forward to updating her on what she has helped me to achieve in the future.

Rebecca, Actor and Fitness Instructor, London, UK

I hired Jessica as my coach because I wanted to explore coaching as a medium of support and reflection. Before we started working together I was skeptical about the value that I would draw from this exchange. After working with Jessica for nine months, I am walking away having understood the value of this experience – that it is as much about sharing as it is about reflecting and working on your self and doing the hard work that comes with it. As a result of my coaching with Jessica I now have different and helpful ways of thinking and processing than I did in the past. The best parts of working with Jessica were her attentiveness and her playfulness and her courage in being led down dark and stormy paths. I had a great experience – Thank you.

Gayatri Sahgal, Research Manager, Royal United Services Institute, Nairobi, Kenya

Jessica is a fantastic Coach and has helped me to achieve much more than I had ever initially expected to get out of coaching. Jessica’s approach draws the best out of you and guides you on the right path to success. Jessica uses a range of coaching techniques and skills that when combined and coupled with her extensive experience bring out and guide you to a new understanding of the topic that you’re striving to improve. I can honestly say that working with Jessica has been a life changing experience, one that has set me on an exciting path for the future.

Tony Doherty, Global Associate Director, IT, Verizon Business, Reading, UK

Jessica’s approach to coaching is subtle and gentle but she really shifted something in my head – or rather helped me shift something in my head. I think the key point is that she nurtures a sense of confidence/value in you but also helps you see the wider context for that, and in that way it becomes a true given rather than something you have to keep working to persuade yourself of. From that point you’re freed up to put your energy into building a system for your life/work/purpose that’s genuinely exciting. Thankyou Jessica!

Ruth Marshall-Johnson, Founder, Do Your Research, London, UK

I had recently moved to London when I hired Jessica as my coach. I was looking for someone who could help me to tell my story and position myself in a new and competitive professional context. Jessica was a pleasant surprise as she used her gentle and insightful approach as well as precise techniques and exercises to help me overcome personal challenges and embrace my talents and my values.

After nine months of an enriching period of self-discovery, I am walking away with the certainty that I am now more connected to my confidence and to what I look for in my professional and personal paths.

Asking the appropriate questions and providing the right tools, Jessica encouraged me to go deeper in my search, while being warm and supportive at all times. I genuinely appreciate her dedication and style, and would absolutely recommend her work.

Juliana Decanine, Senior PR, Marketing & Events Strategist, London, UK

Jessica is intuitive and great to work with, she takes time to get to know and understand you as well as challenge you in a way that works individually for you. My circumstances were changing and she was supportive and adapted brilliantly to my needs.

Her supportive coaching has helped me reconnect with my confidence, understand what values are important to me in the workplace and what I need to aim for. I would highly recommend working with Jessica.

Mina Patel, Creative Director @ BBC Creative, London, UK

The best part of working with Jessica was having a coach who was dedicated to staying on track and giving me new tools and approaches at each and every session. I was constantly learning and able to push my own boundaries but at my own pace.

I really appreciate the structure and clarity that she approached each session with and she gave me a lot of take away tools, exercises and learning opportunities that I can return to in the future which adds tremendous value. She’s warm and personal but keeps the sessions professional. I would recommend Jessica to anyone wanting to further their self development on a personal or professional level.

Liz Williams, Music Supervisor, Singer/Songwriter, Sound Therapist, Business Development @ Felt Music, London, UK

The metaphor that comes to mind when I think about the work I did with Jessica is: the safety of a lighthouse while the storm is raging outside. Jessica’s style is direct, clear, structured, still, and grounded. At the same time, she puts her heart into coaching and into the coaching relationship. This creates a space where the client can find both firmness and human warmth. Thank you Jessica!

Simona, London, UK

Realising that I was ready for a change in my approach and direction in my career, I started working with Jessica on a colleague’s strong recommendation. The experience has been completely worthwhile; Jessica’s style is very engaging, calm and open, and each session revealed new ideas, thought processes and techniques allowing me to reflect deeply on what makes me tick – my core strengths but also what I value, need and enjoy about work.

In addition to better understanding myself, it has equipped me with tools that I have readily put to use to help me assess opportunities and make decisions, and to think much better about the bigger picture and the way ahead. Wholeheartedly recommended!

Jon Robinson, Lead Software Engineer, Microsoft, London, UK

I hired Jessica as my coach because I wanted to re-examine my creative leadership style and improve my relationship with my team after a particularly challenging project. Before we started working together I felt that my leadership style was probably so ingrained, or second nature, that I might not be able to bring about much change. 

After working with Jessica for five months I am walking away with a new mindset and set of techniques for creative leadership that have already shown great results in my current projects. I’m now enjoying a really positive and fruitful experience with my team. I’m eager to take on new challenges, confident that my team and I will be performing at our best. The best part of working with Jessica was having a non-judgemental sounding board for my thoughts on these topics. We explored avenues which I would not have otherwise.

Visual Effects Supervisor, London, UK

I hired Jessica as my coach because I wanted some support and guidance as I went freelance. Before we started working together I was sceptical about whether I could – or even wanted to – change my working style and attitude to work. My sense of self was fundamentally wrapped up in my career, and climbing the ladder in agencies, so to start challenging that was intimidating. But worth it!

After working with Jessica for five months I am walking away with a more complete sense of self, both personally and professionally. I have a deeper understanding of what drives me, what I need and want, and what makes me and breaks me. That understanding makes me feel in better control of my actions and emotions, and has given me a toolkit for deciding how, where and when to put my energy. As a result of my coaching with Jessica I have also noticed that I feel more calm and more confident. It’s been the biggest shift since my early 20’s in terms of figuring big stuff out and moving forward with purpose. 

The best part of working with Jessica was Jessica! She has a magical presence with the ability to transform a space energetically. We had sessions at my home, in the park and even in a noisy diner, and yet our time together always felt like being in a special land where important things came into focus and new ideas emerged, as everything else melted away and grew quiet. 

Camilla Grey, Brand & Content Strategist, Co-Founder of Design Club, London, UK

I engaged with Jessica to help see me through a decision-point in my career and help me define a path for the next stage in life.  Jessica created a trusting and personal atmosphere in which I could be open and honest whilst exploring my career history, professional relationships, my successes & failures and my ambitions & fears. She provided thought-provoking exercises that encouraged me to self-reflect and challenged me to question long-held assumptions, that were often lazy or out-of-date, to seek a deeper, more meaningful understanding of who I am & what motivates me.  

Her super-power during our time together was to distil our sessions down into the essence of what was important to me, which brought clarity and focus to my thinking. From this I developed a framework for decision-making that reflects my fundamental values. This enables me to act decisively with the confidence that I am being my authentic self and can therefore seize the right opportunities when they come along.

Kieran Connell, Group Program Manager, Lift London, Microsoft, London, UK

Jessica is in cahoots with the Universe and is a mirror of truth and enlightening suggestions. She will enable you to build tools and flex muscles that will set you on a path to knowledge and success in a fun, supportive and challenging way.

Will Cohen, CEO & Executive Producer, Milk VFX, London, UK

I hired Jessica as my coach because I wanted to spend some dedicated time in an objective environment thinking about the what and where of how I was investing my time, thoughts and efforts; assessing if this suited and fulfilled my values, aspirations and if I was reaching my full potential. It was a great opportunity to spend time building on and crafting a vision on my own terms.

After working with Jessica for five months, I am walking away with a clearer vision and more confident as a result of deep reflection and investment of time in myself. I learned some invaluable tips and strategies to aid this thought process from Jessica, as well as benefiting from her extensive experiences, knowledge and supportive nature.

As a result of my coaching with Jessica, I have noticed that it’s key to take the time to reflect and reassess on a deeper level than the day-to-day and that there are many benefits to doing so. The best part of working with Jessica was the appropriate level of challenge and depth of exploration we covered during our work together. We had some energised sessions and I always came away feeling like we had made good progress, had a little fun and enjoyed it.

I would definitely work with Jessica again in the future and would recommend her highly.

Kate D, HR Professional, London, UK

I hired Jess as my coach because I am changing career path and wanted to explore other industries. I wanted to learn from my previous career experiences and find ways to transfer my skills to a different area. As we had worked together before, it was a great opportunity to work with someone I already respected.

After working with Jess for five months I am walking away with a more centred perspective on who I am professionally, how that relates to me personally and to the roles I am looking for. I have a better understanding of my beliefs and skills. I have learned new techniques I can use to re-centre myself when I need to.

The experience was fantastic, insightful, at times it was more cerebral, and at others she would correctly call me out on my own BS. It always felt mutually respectful. Jess is very enthusiastic about coaching, which makes it an even better experience. She was able to listen and capture a lot of the crucial points and insights coming out of the sessions. The process felt incremental, with direction and purpose and it compelled me to get out of my comfort zone and to articulate my perspective.

Felipe Bohorquez, Technology Project Manager, Wellington, NZ

I was looking for support with accessing the confidence I knew I had but was sometimes not able to access when I needed it most. I chose Jessica because she came across as a straight-talker with experience of the ‘real world’ as well as a really kind person. I wondered whether it would be possible to understand the complexity of what goes on in my head, but in the end Jessica made it all feel quite simple.

After 3 months I am walking away with a new clarity about what holds me back and what needs to happen for me to step into my more confident self when I choose to. It has also been really helpful to shed some light on what my core values are and to consider how they drive my work and the decisions I make. It is helpful to have more control over how I bring those values to bear on what I do and how I feel.

The best part was the insight I have gained into what makes me procrastinate over certain pieces of work and how I can get things moving by addressing head on the reason for the hesitation – usually I just need a bit of help.

Jenny Coles, Plymouth Energy Community (RSA Community Business Leader), Plymouth, UK

I was at a crossroads in my career, halfway through a stressful promotion process in which I had to step up to a new leadership position. I hired Jess to try and keep me on track and assist me in the interview process, I ended up with much more than that.
I didn’t know what a coach really did, I thought they would give me all the answers, I didn’t realise that coaching was about helping me to find the answers myself. 

Working with Jess for 15 months has given me the knowledge that I have the ability to challenge my own behaviour and thought patterns and to rethink the same situation in a different (and more empowering) way.
The experience of coaching with Jess was very empowering. Knowing that I can take an issue up with Jess that I feel is currently affecting my performance and that, by the end of the session, she will have helped me to unlock my thinking on it and approach it with a more productive “head on”.
My transition to a leadership role has been a challenging journey so far and is not over yet. Having Jess as support when I need it or even just to touch base with as required is like having a secret weapon.

Anne-Marie, Legal Partner, London, UK

I hired Jess as my coach because I wanted to get more balance in my life, enjoy the present more and move towards having more time with my child. Before we started working together I wasn’t sure how seriously I would take it and how honest I would be with myself but after 3 months I finally have a plan that feels right for me and some tools to help me stay on track to achieving my plan. 
I have started working on a folio of work to help me start my own business, being creative again and spending time on something I enjoy but was too scared to do before. I’m also managing to fit some exercise into my life and have fun with it. I am not procrastinating as much, I am putting more time and energy into myself and I’m not as frustrated with myself as I was.
Working with Jess felt natural and easy. She is very good to talk to and easy to open up to. She asks the right questions, helps me to keep things clear and gives me a little push when I need it. 

JJ, Department Head, Technical Director & Illustrator, London, UK

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Jessica. Jessica is very skilled at asking powerful questions, she refrains from giving any advice or steering you in a certain direction which makes you draw on your own resourcefulness and helps you come up with what best works for you. Jessica has a calm energy and the coaching sessions flowed with great ease, and at the same time at the end of each session you realise what superb insights you have received. 

Mary Toolan, Success Coach to Artists & Reiki Practitioner, London, UK

I have really appreciated my time with Jess. My initial objective was that I wanted my business to grow but so much more came up and by the end of my time with her I felt that every challenging aspect of my life had been addressed. Jess helped me to think of my own values and how I could live life in accordance with them. I have learned to apply them in work, family and social life as well as honouring the time I have on my own and how to give myself what I need with nurture.

She has also helped me recognise my self inflicted barriers and how I could gently pull them apart. As a result of this I feel more confident as a mother, friend and therapist. I am amazed at how honouring myself and really listening to a deep down inner voice has helped me realise that everything we discussed some part of me already knew, it just needed help bringing to the surface.

Bella Aris, Massage Therapist & Doula at Oxford Well Woman, Oxford, UK

I started working with Jess when I was feeling a bit directionless.  I longed to wake up feeling energised and excited about the day ahead. With Jess’s help I’ve learned to get out of my own way, honour my values, tame my gremlins and be more patient with myself & others. The best part of working with Jess was I knew I could be completely open and honest – maybe even more honest than I could be with myself.  

Shane C, IT Program Manager, Ireland

I contacted Jessica at a time when I felt I could not cope with stress of going back to work after being a full time mum for three years.

Jessica helped me organise my time productively, start my new business and feel good about myself. Her methods gave me the tools to overcome the challenges of  motherhood and work with confidence. I could not have done it without her.

I look forward to our sessions.

Najwa Mroue, Interior Designer at Atelier NM, London, UK

I feel grateful to have had the opportunity of working with Jess, especially due to her willing support and tenacity in helping me discover ways to make positive changes.  Jess will not give up if one path becomes blocked, instead offering suggestions to try other ways.  Jess has fantastic follow up contact after each session, consolidating what was said during the conversation and listing her suggested exercises.  Jess coaches with kindness, knowledge, fun and humour.  Thank you Jess!

Lale Mahanga, PA, London, UK

I took Jess on as a life coach as I wanted to experience what it was she was doing. I did not think that there was any need to have this in my life but as she was offering a great deal, and as I am training to be a holistic nutritional therapist, I thought it would be good to know what it was about in case I need to refer clients in the future. 

How surprised was I to find that actually there were so many aspects of my life that I needed assistance with. We drew out many points that I was not aware of both positive and negative, things that I can now work on in my own time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to see Jess and already have passed on a few to her.  

Kate Waters, Head Chef, Nutritional Therapist at Kate Waters Fine Food & Nutrition, London, UK