Relationship Systems Coaching for Teams

Superreality’s work with teams is a collaborative, experiential and essentially human learning process that melds Relationship Systems Coaching, training and consulting. Focused on the outcomes you want, with consideration for the context and culture of your team, the work is grounded in practical realities as well as being playful, creative and enlightening. 

Relationship Systems work is designed to support progressive organisations in addressing the challenges of…

  • strengthening communication, relationships and culture
  • developing leadership
  • skilfully navigating change; before, during and after
  • building resilience in the face of the present day constants of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
  • managing conflict constructively and leveraging differences

A relationship system is defined as “an interdependent group of people with a common purpose and/or identity”. It might be the founding partners, the leadership team or the board, a specialist team or department or even the whole organisation.

Unlike more traditional approaches to coaching and training in organisations, Relationship Systems work prioritises collective performance and the quality of interaction in the team and holds a softer focus on individuals. The process aims to disrupt conventional thinking, facilitate the emergence of new information and support the team to apply this in practice. 

We learn about your unique relationship system and its dynamics, strengths and blind spots. We gain a wider perspective on what needs to change to get you where you want to go and how to make that happen. This shared awareness enables each person to own their part of the whole and more skilfully calibrate their impact on the team and its outcomes.

Relationship Systems work is informed by a growing body of research on high performing teams that indicates teams with a stronger sense of collective identity and community, higher levels of connection and trust are the ones that perform best. They are more effective, more creative and more productive. Together they create a positive working environment, characterised by mutual understanding and respect. An appreciation for different working styles encourages contribution so there’s enough safety to take risks and speak up, for the sake of doing better work.


The desired outcomes of each team coaching programme vary depending on the nature and circumstances of your team, its strengths and challenges and the goals you aspire to. Outcomes from Relationship Systems work include…

Activation of leadership potential:

  • clearer definition of both appointed and informal roles in the team
  • empowerment of individuals to more skilfully and intentionally take ownership of roles and collaborate
  • recognition of each individual’s contribution to the whole
  • a team mindset of individual and collective responsibility for outcomes

A future vision and strategy that stays alive:

  • the opportunity for all voices and perspectives to be heard and included
  • creating a shared future vision that is relevant and compelling to the whole organisation
  • a richer understanding of what’s possible, informed by the team’s collective wisdom and creativity
  • greater synergy between day to day operations and longer term strategy

Adaptation in response to change:

  • understanding the ground conditions needed for change initiatives to succeed
  • awareness of how change impacts everyone differently and evokes a range of behaviour responses
  • building the team’s emotional resilience in the face of change
  • greater success at identifying and making changes needed to improve team performance

Creating from differences:

  • defusing ‘us and them’ divides between disciplines or departments
  • working constructively with differences rather than avoiding or escalating conflict
  • learning to identify and offset negative conflict styles with positive alternatives
  • understanding which challenges are ongoing and how the team can manage these better collectively


Everyone in the team needs to be there and everyone is included in the design of how we work together.

Team Assessment…

As a first step, confidential one-to-one interviews are held with each member of the team. A tailored set of questions is used to form a picture of how the team operates and how it is performing, where it’s strong and where the challenges lie.

An overview of the themes that emerged during the assessment is then fed back to the whole team. Priorities and objectives for the coaching engagement are determined based on this information.

Programme Design…

A bespoke coaching programme is designed using a range of tools and processes chosen to address the specific needs and aspirations of the team.

A series of sessions at regular intervals (usually 2-4 weeks apart), enables the team’s development to be supported over time. The number and duration of sessions depends on the scope of the engagement.

Sessions are both structured and flexible. We start with a plan designed to address what we know at the beginning, and the process can be adapted as we continue to work with what emerges along the way.


Relationship Systems work with teams is typically delivered in person and by two co-facilitators. We’ll need a room large enough for the whole team to move around and with minimal furniture (no tables). Depending on the nature of the exercise, we may be seated as one group, in pairs or smaller groups or standing and moving about. 

If you’d like to discuss the challenges your team or organisation is facing and you’re curious to explore options or you’re ready to invite Superreality to work with your relationship system, please get in touch. Working with systems is a passion for me so I’m always happy to have a conversation about it.