Creative Leadership Coaching

Bespoke one-to-one leadership development coaching programmes designed for leaders and managers working at the intersection of creativity and technology.

You’re a manager or leader whose performance and potential are critical to your organisation’s success and Creative Leadership Coaching offers a powerful way to support your growth. You might be…

  • An Experienced Leader – ready to evolve your leadership style, presence and practices in order to increase your capacity and meet new challenges.
  • A Leader Under Pressure – resourcing yourself to maintain focus and equilibrium while leading and supporting teams through peak production periods, rapid growth or organisational changes. Or…
  • An Emerging Leader or a Specialist Managing a New Team – developing a credible and effective leadership style, adjusting to new responsibilities and navigating the transition from peer to leader.

You define the focus of the programme and we’ll create a plan together that aligns with what you want for yourself, your team and your business. You’ll develop new strategies and apply your learning throughout the coaching to meet the practical challenges you are currently facing at work.

Areas I often work on with my one-to-one coaching clients include…

  • effective management of teams and troubleshooting
  • work/life balance, managing stress and building resilience
  • developing a powerful leadership style aligned with your strengths
  • improving relationships and communication
  • self awareness and calibrating your impact
  • better decision making
  • managing time, energy and priorities
  • building confidence
  • creating a clear vision and setting smarter goals
  • focus and motivation


Each programme includes…
– a chemistry session to ensure we are a good fit to work together
– two one-to-one coaching sessions per month = 60-90 minutes each fortnight
– unlimited email support between sessions
– ad hoc reality check calls between sessions, when you need them

and where relevant…
– a strategy session with coach, client and line manager to agree goals, deadlines, measures of success and a process for reporting and feedback
– a mid term progress review with coach, client and line manager
– an end of term review and feedback session with coach, client and line manager to evaluate success and plan next steps

Coaching sessions are available via phone/Skype or in person within central London.

Initial commitment: 4, 6 or 10 months. Pricing depends on the scope and duration of the coaching.

Get in touch to arrange a strategy session to discuss your team’s development needs or to book a chemistry session for yourself or a colleague.