Strengthscope® is an assessment system that measures your work-related strengths, the qualities that energise you the most. A strengths assessment provides an in-depth strengths profile, enabling you to find new ways to use your strengths to improve your performance and fulfilment at work.

It’s easy to focus on what’s wrong, our weaknesses and how we might like to fix them – identifying threats is an important part of human nature. Theories of management have assumed for many years that our weaknesses represent our greatest opportunities for development, and that we should focus on fixing them in order to increase our chances of success.

However, research over the last decade has shown that focusing on how we can leverage our strengths, including as a way to address weaknesses, leads to far better performance outcomes, job satisfaction and engagement at work than purely seeking to fix problems.

You might be…

WANTING MORE FULFILMENT from your current role and in need of some guidance on where to focus your energy for the best return

CONSIDERING A CAREER CHANGE and seeking some inspiration on what kind of work brings out the best in you

READY TO TAKE A FIRST STEP while you consider a more in-depth career or leadership development coaching programme

A Strengthscope® assessment can be used alone or alongside a Superreality coaching programme to provide a deeper insight into your work-related strengths and new strategies to optimise your energy at work.

You’ll gain a new understanding of…

  • Your unique ‘Significant 7’ most energising strengths and how they relate to your performance at work
  • How to use your strengths more effectively for better results, more confidence, motivation and enjoyment
  • Risks to your performance including weaker areas and strengths in overdrive (when strengths are used in the wrong way or at the wrong time, leading to negative performance outcomes)
  • Smart and creative ways to reduce the impact of performance risks by using your strengths
  • How effectively you’re perceived to be using your strengths by others, feedback on potential risks to performance and recommendations



Online Assessment

You receive a link to complete a 20-35 minute online questionnaire that measures your strengths at work.

360 Feedback

You provide email contact details for up to 8 colleagues or stakeholders who know you well enough to comment on your work performance. They each receive a brief online questionnaire about how they see you using your strengths at work.

The Full Report

Your Strengthscope360™ report includes a detailed ‘Significant 7’ strengths profile, descriptions of each strength and how they look in ‘overdrive’, information to help you explore how you can develop yourself based on your strengths and feedback on how you’re currently using your top strengths at work.


I send you some questions to reflect on what you’ve learnt from your report and prepare for your feedback coaching session. We arrange a time for the session.

Feedback Coaching Session

We have a 90 minute coaching call by phone or Skype to deepen your insights from the report, identify ways you can put your new understanding of your strengths into action and set goals for the coming weeks. (If you’ve signed up for a coaching programme we’ll do this in one of our scheduled sessions.)

Followup Coaching Sessions (Optional)

You have the option to arrange one or more followup coaching sessions after the initial feedback session to review your progress against the goals you set and identify how you can continue to build on your strengths. Ask me about this option.



Strengthscope360™ + 90 minute Feedback Coaching Session

Full Rate: £660

Reduced Rate: £440 for self-funding private clients, not-for-profits and organisations with charitable status


Get in touch to book some space to explore your most energising strengths.