SUMMER STRENGTHS OFFER - Is Your Job Killing You Or Making You Stronger? Seven Strengths You'll Want to Use More At Work

SUMMER STRENGTHS OFFER – Is Your Job Killing You Or Making You Stronger? Seven Strengths You’ll Want to Use More At Work


Thank you for visiting and do get in touch if you’d like to have a conversation about a strengths assessment or a coaching programme for yourself or someone in your team.


The Summer Strengths Offer is for you if you’re looking for more fulfilment in your current role or considering a career change and you’re ready to seek some inspiration and insight…

When we approach work in a way that works for us, it can be deeply satisfying and bring many rewards including a sense of purpose and achievement, recognition, financial stability, social connections and the experience of being part of something greater than ourselves.

But when too much of our time and attention at work is taken up with things that don’t make the best use of our strengths, we can find ourselves drained, frustrated and questioning our abilities.

Often all it takes to address this is making the time and space to step back and think differently about what’s happening and what you’d like to change. That’s where I can help.

* * *

I’m offering 20% off a Strengthscope360™ Assessment & Coaching Session this summer.

Summer Rates are £660 £520 for organisations or £440 £350 if you’re self-funding.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK your discounted place before the end of July 2018. (0 places available).

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You’ll receive…

• CLARITY – a detailed report on your top seven work-related strengths, the ones that energise you the most,

• INSIGHT – feedback from up to 8 colleagues/stakeholders on how you’re using your strengths,

• and SUPPORT TO CRAFT A PLAN – a 90 minute coaching session by phone or Skype where we’ll review the assessment together and design new strategies to help you perform better and get more out of the time you spend at work.

Read more about the Strengthscope360™ strengths assessment here.


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